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Module portion for title one above Bring access to the five pillars of sustainability to a community in the Maasai Mara, Kenya. Your partnership and support will provide access to: 1. Primary school education for children. 2. Clean water and sanitation for children and their families. 3. Daily hot meals and nutritious food for children in school. 4. Access to local healthcare for children and their families. 5. Income and empowerment training for the parents. Subject Title 2 Options to Inspire and engage your team: Module portion for title two above 1. Invite key team members and executives to attend the Unstoppable Foundation annual CEO & Founders trip. This curated trip is hosted by Cynthia Kersey and will allow representatives from your organization to experience the culture and positive impact your company is making possible in a community in the Maasai Mara, Kenya. 2. Kick-off your company's partnership with an inspirational keynote from the Unstoppable Foundation’s CEO & Founder, Cynthia Kersey. Cynthia is a best-selling author and international speaker and will share with your organization how they can skyrocket their business, create customer evangelists and do really well by becoming an unstoppable force for good. Subject Title 3 Marketing benefits: Module portion for title three above 1. Share a joint press release about the partnership with the Unstoppable Foundation. 2. Spread the word about the impact that your partnership with the Unstoppable Foundation has created. We’ll provide you with inspiring photos and videos that you can feature throughout your company communications and social media platforms. 3. Receive shareable co-branded bi-annual reports. Your community impact report will update your company on the progress your support is making possible in the Maasai Mara. 4. Your company name and logo will be added to the supporters' list on the official Unstoppable Foundation website.
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