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A no-cost way for your business to participate in the Innovation Week is to share your meeting space (venue). Innovation Week Track Managers use our software to search for available venues. If they find your venue and it meets their needs, they may ask you for permission to use it. If you approve their request, they'll use our software to make a reservation. As attendees register for track events, they'll see a photo of your venue and logo, and be reminded of your business. It's a great marketing opportunity and costs you nothing!

Great Benefits For You and Your Business

  • You and your business will receive free publicity
  • We'll provide you with free venue listing, along with your business logo and the headshot of one person in your business. This listing will link back to a webpage of your choice. We'll also provide you with a free advertisement in the appropriate business category. We'll also post a news release about your venue being available in our news feed. We'll do all these things for you even if you never accept an venue reservation.

  • Your business brand will be enhanced
  • Even if your business is not the most innovative or your innovation is a work in progress, sharing your venue provides a "halo" effect. It can make your business more innovative in public eye.

  • Your customers and prospects will be impressed
  • Having an innovative event at your offices is a great reason to invite your customers and prospects to attend. This creates another promotional opportunity for you to capitalize on.

  • You can co-promote the track events before, during and after they occur
  • When the Track Manager and speakers agree to hold their event at your venue, they grant you permission to promote the event and to appropriately use their faces and event details in your marketing materials. This is great content for your newsletters, websites and social media posts. Track Managers are generally very excited about more new faces coming to their events. They will almost always appreciate the extra publicity you provide.

  • You may offer to provide some attendee accomodations
  • While you are under no obligation to do so, you may decide to invest a little money to benefit your business. You could provide beverages for the attendees, snacks or perhaps lunch. If parking has a cost, you could cover it or provide a parking valet. One of your team members could offer to greet the attendees and get them seated. You could even place presenter materials out before the guests arrive. You're welcome to put your material out too. Lastly, if there's something interesting to see, you might offer to provide attendees with a tour of your facilities before or after the event concludes!

Some Things To Keep In Mind:

  • There are minimum requirements for your venue
  • Your venue must be clean, safe, functional for the use requested, and must meet the description you use when you list it in our system.

  • You may not charge for the use of your venue
  • Your sole compensation is the publicity that your business receives from hosting an event and the good feeling you and your employees will have by helping someone in your community be more innovative!

  • No contracts, insurance, deposits, etc
  • The people that are coming to your office are your guests. You can ask them for ID, to follow your security protocol, and to sign a waiver of releasing you from any liability while they're using your venue. You can also require that the track manager provides security personnel.

  • Someone from your office must be present
  • You or someone you assign from your business must be present and available at all times when your venue is being used. This is for your protection and the protection of the track manager and their guests.

  • You are not obligated to accept any requests
  • Accepting a request from a track manager to use your venue is appreciated but never required. After you list your venue, you remain in total control and should always do what's best for your business. You may decline any request. Once you accept a request, you may still cancel but you may have to pay a cancellation fee depending on the circumstances

  • Everyone is bound by our terms and conditions
  • Offering to share and/or sharing your space requires that you accept our terms and conditions. The same is true for presenters and their guests. We want everyone to feel comfortable and have a great experience! While you're free to invite people you know, they must sign up on the Innovation Week website and the presenter must be kept informed. This is usually not a problem.

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